Ruby Roy

Ruby Roy is a passionate Montréaler and world traveler, who has travelled to over 150 countries. Ruby has had the privilege of living in London, Barcelona, Rome, Cairo, Kolkata, Jaipur and several other countries. A freelancer; self-employed, working on contract in specialized fields. Ruby offers services to individuals, organizations, institutions, tourism offices, government organization, protocol departments, international .organization in Canada and abroad, hotels, convention centers, visitors’ bureaus in Montreal, across Canada and World Wide. Speaking a number of languages, representing cultural diversity as well as her expert knowledge of cultural awareness has made her an asset to her clients and all who encounter her.
Culinary Expert Licensed Montreal Guide and Travel Director:
With a varied and long passionate history in food both locally, and travel, photography, talks, lectures and training. Ruby turns every morsel of food into a memorable story, even before you tasted it She is Canada’s first and sought after food guide by luxury, corporate business organizations. She is also known for her private and food adventures around the world which are documented on video and not to be missed. Ruby has given workshop training in several countries including Saudi Arabia and will continue training from 2022 onwards in the Kingdom to tourist guides. She is only guide in the world certified with all the food safety certification
Video Presentations: At ease in front of the camera and behind. Ruby has been creating video content for industry partners, on line conferences that include IT, Artificial Intelligence conferences. The short video are created, produced, directed, edited and hosted by Ruby and her team of professionals. Videos on travel, training are also part of her specialties. She is over 25 years’ experience with travel tourism film crews
Digital- On line: Ruby is in demand for training, speaking, storytelling, presentations, virtual visits, tours, podcasts, voice overs talks both live and digital training. She has been presenting at hybrid and on line conferences including IT and AI events. She also gives workshops on public speaking on camera, video content creation, social media, and storytelling for sales people, travel and cross cultural awareness for which she is an expert in the field due to her travels. Her years of experiences speaking, guiding and working with film crews is the reason for her easy of both live and on line
International Event and Meeting Planner/Corporate Travel Director:
Ruby has been working in corporate business incentive travel since 1991 with companies around the world in collaboration with partners like American Express, Maritz, Venture Planning, CEO, EMECO as well as Destination Management Companies across Canada. An expert in site inspections, bidding, request for proposals, coaching and presentations. She is often asked to help sell the destinations to clients. Comfortable working with a team, or on her own including managing teams with staff ranging from 2 to 20000 people.
Veteran Freelance Montreal Professional Tourist Guide since 1992:
Recognized for unique tours and experiences filled with history, humour and anecdotes. Customized and adapted to guests and their special requests.
Offers private tours; private cars (exotic and luxury cars, as well as with hired drivers in sprinters, coaches, sedans, SUVs and limousines), public transportation, walking, bicycle and helicopter. Guests include public figures, diplomats, incentive groups, convention delegates, business travelers, families, couples, and cruise ship travelers.
Has developed, designed and created several exceptional unique tours; culinary, art, fashion, neighborhoods, Leonard Cohen, Jewish, Black, Jazz, Public Art with Food being her specialty.
Travel Organizer of Specialized Trips:
Organizes specialized, custom travel for small groups around the world. Cultural, culinary, art & dance and photography trips with very unique, exclusive local experiences in destinations such as India, Egypt, the Gulf, Italy, Greece, London (UK) and other destinations. Working with guide colleagues and experts in the various destinations, months are spent creating and preparing memorable authentic experiences for guests at home and abroad.
Ruby Roy
Media Relations and Film Crew:
A professional photographer with a passion for cinema, Ruby studied to better understand film shoots. Ruby’s knowledge of photography and her city makes her in demand to work with film crews; the Amazing Race, BBC, Australian, European, USA & Canadian productions.
Ruby has also documented through her photography the best light at each time of the year for shooting. As a public speaker and comfortable in front of the camera, often does stand ups and voice overs for productions in several languages. Assists with scouting locations, a facilitator, managing the day. See links to features articles; TV, radio programs, travel magazines featuring Ruby; National Geographic Traveler, Gourmet Magazine (publications in Russian, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, German, Japanese, Dutch and Chinese publications). She also trains professional including guide how to work with media, influencers, vloggers
Public Speaker & Workshop Presenter
Informative breakfast, lunch, cocktail presentations of 15 to 30 minutes. Very popular for business travelers, accompanying persons (spousal) programs and hotels to encourage guests to discover the city and their surroundings. Gives motivational workshops around the world on Cultural Awareness, Media Relations, Career Development, Social Media and how to use a camera. A natural and trained in front of the camera she trains both live and on line professionals seeking expertise in communication on stage, on camera and at events
Background in the travel and tourism industry
Varied and well rounded:
Concierge – front desk at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel.
Other positions include the airport, transportation companies, tour operators, destination management companies, incentive houses, convention center, media relations manager & assisting sales coordinators at Tourism Montreal, Tourism Québec, and the Canadian Tourism Commission. Various departments of the Government of Quebec and Canada. Tour manager for luxury leisure groups, Travel Director & training for CVB’s around the world. Trainer, evaluator, researcher and volunteer for various organizations
Other work experience:
Supervisor during the 2021 Census for Statistics Canada for the Government of Canada Managing, training, keeping productivity high, motivating 300 employees remotely with a team of 17
Volunteer Positions:-
President Emeritus of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association from 2003 to 2007: Prior to being President of WFTGA, Ruby was a member of the Executive Board from 1997. To date, Ruby is the youngest board member, youngest WFTGA President, the only Canadian President, the only person of colour to be president as well as one of the most multilingual board members and presidents in the organizations history since 1985
Contributions to the WFTGA include:
-introduction of modern communication technology; WFTGA social media, media relations and international relations.
-created the first WFTGA website, contents are still being used today.
-created the first RFP/Bidding Document to ensure it was fair and professional. -created a marketing and promotional strategy, media strategy, restructured and modernized the training division. -worked with board members, assisted with portfolios that included: memberships, supporting area representatives, new members, developed fundraising strategies, five year budget plans, membership benefits and more.
-a key member involved in the Policy and Procedures Manual & Constitutional revisions. -ensured all volunteers were recognized and acknowledged for their efforts with rewards, incentives. Made certain past presidents were properly recognized for their contributions to the WFTGA. -responsible for recruiting members from Arabic speaking, Spanish speaking countries, including Southeast Asia and India.
-organized WFTGA conventions from 1997 to 2009, and 2017. Assisted with 2019 bids. Conferences held in Montreal, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Scotland, Melbourne, Egypt, Bali and Iran.
In preparation for the 2007 Cairo WFTGA convention, Ruby lived in Cairo for 6 months in 2005 and 2006 -the only board member to have a background in event and meeting planning contributing to a professional international standard for bidding and hosting of these conferences.
-wrote, detailed and updated procedures involved in the planning for the 2017 Convention in Iran. Assisted in the training of the host committee.
-assisted with the bidding countries since 1997.
Ruby Roy
After 10 years on the board, archived, documented WFTGA’s history and photographs for the Association in preparation for the 30th anniversary in 2015.
2015-2019, re-elected to the WFTGA Executive Board to assist with continuity and experience lacking, continued with International Relations, building social media, in-house convention planner and coordinator, as well as to prepare and scrutinize RFPs for future conventions.
Emeritus President of the Montreal Professional Tourist Guide association:
-involved with her team running the organisation, marketing promotion, and media relations. -updating procedures, marketing strategies, websites and official documents. -coordinated, and was chair of the very successful 1997 WFTGA Convention in Montreal. Ruby was also the Canadian Delegate to the international organization for over 10 years (see above).
Other volunteer positions include:
Volunteers with various international organizations and educational foundations; teaching, preservation, training, giving workshops in her fields of expertise in certain regions of India, the Egyptian Sinai and other locations around the world. She is in demand due to her communication skills
Volunteer for the Liberal Party of Canada, at conventions, federal elections, community events, members of parliament including as secretary in my riding of Papineau for my member of parliament since 2006.
During personal travels wherever she lives for extended periods of time, Ruby studies language, photographs, dance, culinary arts, art, music, and researches the cultural traditions, body language. Collects old tribal jewelry. Ruby also teaches performs dance, sings, loves fencing, and swimming. Ruby is know for infectious sense of humour, positive energy. She is a role model, mentor to many around the world. She shares her wisdom, experience and knowledge generously to help others
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Ruby Roy